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ABACO was founded in April 2011, in the Czech Republic by Attila Balaz, Dipl.-Ing. It initially kicked off its business with two CAD engineers in the body-in-white project involving product development and project management on the site of its first customer in Germany.

In summer 2011, our company took on additional CAD engineers while growing its initial business and venturing into seating structure concept development through its second customer.

Starting in January 2012, a new customer was acquired and with the company's new E&D experts, ABACO progressed into the new interior project.

Due to growing demand on the part of customers for engineering as well as for engineering professionals, two more CAD engineers joined in early spring to grow the long-term business further.

In March 2012, ABACO Solutions s.r.o. was successfully registered in the Volkswagen Group B2B Supplier Platform and qualified to serve VW Group's brands across the world.


The company has established its new Head Office in Mlada Boleslav to best serve its current and future partners locally as well as internationally. Apart from OEMs, our company works hard to foster cooperation with number of Tier-1 suppliers in the course.


This year and in the short-term future, ABACO plans new projects covering the markets of Germany, the Czech Republic, possibly other countries such as China & Russia.

Our Team

At present, our mini teams pursue projects in Germany and the Czech Republic following the principles of excellence and best service.

Our experts rank amongst the best, especially in the fields of Car Body & Closures, Interior, Design Support with more to come.

Their experience has been previously gained through projects with companies like Audi, Bentley, BMW, Daimler, Škoda, VW.

For more information about the opportunity to join ABACO, please visit Career section of this website.

Key activities & customer philosophy

ABACO is focused on CAD and Product Design, Engineering and Development especially in the automotive industry.

ABACO offers and supplies E&D experts, on-site project management staff as well as external E&D services on anyone's production program.

ABACO targets customers who require a high level of responsibility and innovative solutions.

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To bring innovation, responsibility and savings to companies and people around us.


We gather the best experts to serve the best in the field of the automotive product design and development.


To create a stable, yet flexible company to support a car's full life cycle through engineering and development services based on requirements and goals by OEMs and their Tier-1 suppliers, while involving regional advanced talent and capacity.


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